Latest research project: Halliwick questionnaire for instructors and parents/caregivers, please read.


There are links below to a questionnaire that I have prepared along with other Halliwick lecturers.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to assess the impact of water activity (according to the Halliwick approach) on the participation of children in various activities in their daily lives.

This questionnaire is distributed to people working in water using the principles of the Halliwick approach worldwide. We will present it at the meeting in Slovenia in September.

I’m asking you to answer the questionnaire and distribute it to the instructors working with you and to the parents.

These are two questionnaires for two populations:

One is for instructors/ water therapists who combine the principles of the Halliwick approach as a central part of their work – We are trying to determine whether the instructors set the goals of the activities in the water (individual or group activity) in order to improve the children’s general ability to participate in the main areas of life (socialization, communication, general activity, ADL and so on), or only for the water activity purpose.

The second – to parents or caregivers of children who participate in the water activity – We are trying to determine whether the parent caregiver thinks that the water activity (individually or group) contributes to the general ability of the child to participate in the main areas of life (socialization, communication, general activity, ADL and so on), or only attribute the impact on the children’s abilities in the water.

The children, for whom we are investigating the impact of the activity, should be at the time of completing the questionnaire:

  • Ages 5-15
  • Active in water (individually or within a group)
  • Participate in water activities for at least 6 months.

It is important that parents or caregivers who receive the questionnaire know the nature of the child’s activity in the water and observe it from time to time.

Regarding guidelines: There is no need to sit next to the person who fills out the questionnaire. It is possible to explain the purpose of the questionnaire and what are the concepts (such as Halliwick – not all parents know this concept).

I attached two versions:

One is a PDF copy – for distribution and printing (return a scanned email to my Email:

A Questionnaire – Halliwick activity for instructors – final

A Questionnaire – Halliwick activity for Parents and care givers – final

And the other in the Google Form formation which allows reply and delivery directly to me (link: for instructors / link:  for parents and caregivers).

I’m really asking for your help in distributing the questionnaire. Each form is important. I will be happy to receive them by the end of May 2017.

If you have questions, you can contact me by e-mail –

If you want to translate the document into your language, please make sure that this translation is reliable(re-translation into English).

Many thanks in advance.

Merav Hadar-Frumer

Senior Halliwick lecturer