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The IHA conference is taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on the 8th to 10th of September 2017 – See link below for details

IHA Conference flyer, Ljubljana 2017, first announcement

The Halliwick Concept

The Halliwick Concept is an approach to teaching all people, in particular, focussing on those with physical and/or learning difficulties, to participate in water activities, to move independently in water, and to swim. It is based on a belief in the benefits that can be derived from activities in water, and sets out the fundamentals necessary for their learning. These benefits include physical, personal, recreational, social and therapeutic aspects. The Concept has influenced hydrotherapy techniques and has been developed into specific therapeutic exercises.

The Halliwick Concept was developed by the swimming instructor and engineer of hydromechanics James McMillan MBE. and his wife Phil McMillan, MBE. in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Since then, the concept has gradually spread out over the world. As a consequence the International Halliwick Association was established in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland, in 1994.

International Halliwick Association (IHA) Objectives:
IHA is a charity organisation with the objectives to maintain the Halliwick Concept of swimming for disabled people and to develop the concept and teaching and treatment method in accordance with new experiences and scientific advances.

Aims of the IHA are;

  • To promote the Halliwick Concept of teaching swimming and rehabilitation in water throughout the world
  • To encourage good practice in the use of the Halliwick Concept.