IHA Senior Lecturer

To be an IHA Senior Lecturer the following criteria have to be met:-

  • To be an IHA Recognised Lecturer

  • To be currently using Halliwick (this means being active in pool work).

  • To have lectured on a minimum of 5 Basic (Foundation/Module 1) IHA Recognised Courses since acquiring lecturer status.

  • To have taught on a Halliwick Course at least once every three years. (For the first time of lecturing after a three-year break a lecturer must work with another recognised lecturer.)

  • To have successfully been assessed by a Senior Lecturer whilst assessing a Trainee Lecturer on their final assessment at a Basic Course. (see Paper ‘Trainee/Assistant Lecturers – Procedure for becoming an IHA recognised lecturer’ re the assessment of a Trainee Lecturer)

  • To have attended an ‘Assessors’ Course’ (advisable not mandatory).

  • If these criteria have been met an application form must be completed (available from Ann Gresswell at (ann_gresswell@hotmail.com) with the appropriate papers to support the application. 

Duties of a Senior Lecturer

  • To be a Mentor for Trainee Lecturers (see paper ‘Trainee/Assistant Lecturers – Procedure for becoming an IHA recognised lecturer’)

  • To assess Trainee Lecturers (Senior Lecturers should not assess Trainee Lecturers for whom they have been acting as a Mentor )

  • To lead IHA Advanced Halliwick Course (only IHA Senior Lecturers may lead these courses)