Trainee/Assistant Lecturers

Procedure for becoming an IHA recognised lecturer
(from showing an initial interest to final assessment)

  • The person who is interested in becoming a Trainee/Assistant Lecturer needs to complete the form ‘Interest in becoming an IHA Trainee Lecturer’.
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    Information for Trainee Assistant Lecturers

  • You will need to become a member of IHA . You can do this by joining your National Halliwick Association affiliated to IHA . If there is no National Halliwick Association affiliated to IHA , you will need to become an Individual Member of IHA . To find out if there is a National Halliwick Association affiliated to IHA or to become an Individual Member if there is not one, email the secretary of IHA , Ann Thomson at

  • The IHA Education and Research Committee will send a letter explaining the Halliwick experience you need and how to find a Mentor (an IHA Senior Lecturer who will support you during training). This letter will include a list of IHA Senior Lecturers who might be able to act as a Mentor .

  • When you are a member of IHA and have a Mentor , complete the second form ‘registration as an IHA Trainee Lecturer’.
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    Registration as an IHA Trainee Assistant Lecturer

  • The Trainee/Assistant Lecturer needs to liaise with their Mentor , to work with them and to plan progression.

  • The Trainee/Assistant Lecturer should ideally work with other IHA Recognised Lecturers during the process of training.

  • When the Trainee/Assistant Lecturer and Mentor agree that he/she is ready, the Trainee/Assistant Lecturer is put forward for assessment by the Mentor . This assessment must be carried out by a different Senior Lecturer from the Mentor .

The Assessment

    • The Trainee/Assistant Lecturer must be assessed over a FULL Basic Course but is not expected to lecture for the whole course.

    • Minimum lectures they must lecture on are:

      • Effects of water

      • 10 Point Programme

      • Why no flotation aids

    • Minimum pool work they must lead

      • Session on supports

      • Session on leading groups