Formation of IHA Education and Research Committee 2001

  1. The Committee shall consist of no less than 6 members and no more than 8 members. 6 members shall be elected at the General Meeting. Up to 2 more may be co-opted by the IHA Education and Research Committee if deemed necessary. There will be no more than one member from each Country, unless an exemption to this is agreed by the IHA Executive.

    Members must be actively involved with Halliwick Courses i.e. a lecturer or assistant lecturer and be actively involved using Halliwick on a regular basis.

    1. Members are appointed by the IHA General Meeting.
    2.  If a vacancy occurs between meetings a new member can be co-opted until the next General Meeting by members of the Education and Research Committee. Between Education and Research Committee meetings this can take place by communication between members.Only 2 co-options can be made by the Education and Research Committee. If more than 2 members are needed to make up the numbers the IHA Executive must be involved in the co-options.
    3. Members are appointed from one general meeting to the next.
    4. A quorum for meetings is 4 members.
    5.  Meetings are open to 1 representative from each IHA member country without a member already on the Committee. This representativei. has no voting rights;ii. must notify the Chairperson 1 month in advance that he/she intends to attend a meeting;

      iii. can only speak at meetings with the agreement of the Chairperson.

    6. One member of the IHA Education and Research Committee will attend for part of the IHA Executive Meeting, where practicable.
    7. One member of the IHA Executive Committee will attend for part of the IHA Education and Research Committee Meeting, where practicable.
    8. Changes to the above can be proposed by any IHA member. Any changes must be submitted to the IHA Education and Research Committee at least one month before a IHA General Meeting. A final decision regarding these changes will be made at the IHA General Meeting. Between IHA General Meetings the IHA Executive can agree the changes, which would then be ratified at the next IHA General Meeting.
    9. The Chair and Secretary of this Committee should be elected at the Education and Research Committee Meeting after the General Meeting.

    Agreed by Education and Research Committee June 2001