The objectives of the International Halliwick Association (IHA) are to:

  1. maintain the ideology of the Halliwick Concept and to develop the Halliwick concept in accordance (where appropriate) with scientific advances;
  2. promote the availability and accessibility of the Association for each member worldwide;
  3. provide training and instruction and to maintain quality standards in such training and instruction in order to raise professional levels of same;
  4. promote the continuance and improvement of Halliwick courses;
  5. to organise meetings and educational programmes which so advance the objects of the charity on a regular basis;
  6. facilitate the co-operation of members internationally and the co-operation of such members with other national or international organisations to further and improve the exchange of ideas concerning the Halliwick concept;
  7. stimulate research into the theoretical background and functional (being clinical) effects of the Halliwick Concept;

To further these objectives the Association will;

  • co-ordinate and organise with other national associations being with similar interests.
  • encourage the development and maintenance of national associations and individuals
  • act both as a forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, skills and experience and act as a source of information.
  • hold meetings and conferences at both national and international level.
  • inform the public about the activities of the Association within its field of interest.
  • invite (as appropriate) representatives of the media to meetings and conferences and other activities.
  • keep accurate records of such meetings.
  • promote publications by the Association.